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Cornerstone Montessori Elementary School Board

The Board for Cornerstone Montessori Elementary School is the governing entity for our state and federally funded public school program. All the meetings must be open to the public. We will set the dates of our meetings and assure that they are on our website and in our lobby. A book containing board meeting minutes is available in the office. Board members include a teacher, parents, and experts in a variety of fields. The Head of School is a non-voting member of the board. Board terms are 3 years.

Cornerstone Montessori Elementary School Board Members
Board Chair—Liz Coenen
Vice Chair and Secretary—Julie Richards
Treasurer—Melissa Santrach

Trustee—Amanda Cina
Trustee—Loralee DiLorenzo
Trustee—Jessica Goff
Trustee—Robyn Ingber
Trustee—Jean Melancon
Trustee (non-voting)—Liesl Taylor, Head of School

Committee Members
Communication and Development — Melissa Santrach (Chair), Chris Bewell, Amanda Cina, Liz Coenen, and Loralee DiLorenzo
Finance Committee — Melissa Santrach (Chair), Chris Bewell, Liz Coenen, Liesl Taylor, and Sandy Schmidt

Governance Committee  Liz Coenen (Chair), Chris Bewell, Julie Richards, and Melissa Santrach
Head of School Evaluation  Liz Coenen, Molly O'Shaughnessy, and Liesl Taylor

Board Meetings
The CMES Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Most board meetings follow a standard agenda (see below), however, each meeting's specific agenda will be posted in advance of the meeting and is available at the school. In addition to the regular monthly meetings, the Board's 2017-18 Joint Meeting with the Montessori Center of Minnesota is November 8, 2017,  and the CMES Annual Meeting will be May 15, 2018, at 5:30 pm at the school.  The regular May meeting will follow at 6:00 pm.

The Board's standing committees also meet regularly.  The Finance Committee meets the Tuesday before the monthly Board meeting at 1:00 pm, the Governance Committee meets the Tuesday after the Board meeting at 5:30 pm (no meeting in December), the Communication and Development Committee meets the Thursday before the monthly Board meeting at 7:00 pm, and the Head of School Evaluation Committee meets at least quarterly. All meetings occur at the school except the Communication and Development Committee, which meets at Panera in Highland Park, 2056 Ford Parkway in St. Paul.

2017-18 Meeting Schedule

July 18
August 15 - Meeting Agenda
September 19 - Meeting Agenda
October 17 - Meeting Agenda
Joint Meeting with MCM November 8 - Meeting Agenda
November 21 - Meeting Agenda
December 19 - Meeting Agenda
January 16 - Meeting Agenda
February 20 - Meeting Agenda
March 20
April 17
May 15 – Annual Meeting
June 19

Standard Board Meeting Agenda
Call Meeting to Order
Public Comment Period – Comments limited to 3 minutes per person
Acceptance of Minutes from  previous month’s meeting
Treasurer’s Report and Review of Financials
Board Chair Report
Governance Committee Report
Development Committee Report
Director of Business Operations
Head of School Report
Other Business
Suggested Agenda Items for Next Month



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